Remembering Loved Ones at the Holidays

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With the holiday season in full swing and the winter solstice fast approaching (December 22, for those of you anxiously awaiting days of more sunshine), I thought I would refer you all back to an article I wrote a few years ago. I have had so many clients as of late, who are deeply missing their passed loves ones. It can be so hard to think of going through the holidays without them, or to imagine beginning a new year without their immediate presence, but they are so very much still around us. It is important for us to remember our loved ones, after all, they are a thread that helps weave together all the fabric of our life story.

In my grief workshops we talk a lot about ways to transform the relationship. Maybe we cannot directly have a conversation, but they do hear us and try to answer in their own ways as they are able. This old article gives many ideas as to ways we can find for ourselves and our families, not only to honor our passed loved ones, but also to keep them close and include them in our celebrations. Some of the ideas are nice to keep to yourself, while others are wonderful opportunities to reach out to other family members or friends who would like to be included in a new tradition. I hope this will further help the many of you that I have met with, and those of you I have yet to meet.

Blessings to you all!

~Heather Oelschlager

Today being a half-snow day from school and tomorrow being Winter Solstice (as well as the rare winter solstice lunar eclipse), as well as being on the brink of wrapping up our holidays shopping so we can finally relax and enjoy our holiday celebrations. . . CLICK to view full article and CONTINUE READING