polwkshpsHaving started your Presence of Light workshop journey with VOICE: An Intuition Workshop, the next step is the set five classes that cover beginner skills and exercises. Don’t let the “beginner” label fool you though–the hands-on activities will push and challenge you, no matter your previous background, as they are intended to help each individual develop a keen awareness of how they perceive information and discern energy. Students begin connecting with their spirit guides and learn ways to broaden their spirituality, especially as it applies to everyday experience.

SILENCE: A Meditation Workshop

Class Topics: value of silence, meditation, moving beyond fear and doubt, discovering your spiritual path, and three quick steps to psychic protection.

LIGHT: A Spirituality Workshop

Class topics: signs of light, intro to your angels and guides, and our spiritual selves.

SENSE: An Ultra-Sensory Workshop

Class topics: introduction to ultra-senses, sixth sense, development exercises, identifying your senses. How many senses are you using?

ENERGY: A Spiritual Energy Workshop

Class topics: interacting energy, raising your vibration, clairaudience, clairsentience, and empaths. Affirmations, energy exercises and activities.

THOUGHT: A Telepathy Workshop

Class topics: intro to telepathy, exercises, and applications. Interactive, challenging class – you just might surprise yourself!

  • Workshop Spiritual Development
  • Series Presence of Light
  • Level Beginner
  • Pre-Requisites Voice: An Intuition Workshop