Throwback Thursday – The 80’s (20-Minute Meditation Playlist)


80danceWelcome Back to the Eighties!

Out of sheer anticipation I tried to wait to write this playlist for a little longer, but I just couldn’t do it. Listening to all of the nostalgic 80’s dance music while I was compiling this list of little treasures from our favorite old groups got me too excited to keep this from you.  Did you know that you can meditate to your favorite 80’s bands?  Sneaky, but there are a surprising number of special instrumental pieces hiding among all that new wave and hair product.  Some of them are far better for housecleaning (you do dance while you clean, right?) and not so ideal for meditation, but there is so much to choose from that it didn’t matter, so I’ve got another great 20-minute playlist compiled for you.  Which songs will you remember?

The Cure’s Robert Smith

Try it out! (You can play samples at the bottom of the page, or follow the links to get to the tracks on iTunes.)


The Songs:

A Reflection,   2:12
The Cure, from Seventeen Seconds, 1980.
This is an infectious way to start, because listening to The Cure is like trying to eat only one potato chip…you’ll need to go back for more.(Probably going back for more photos of Robert Smith, too).

Split Enz

Albert of India,  4:03
Split Enz, from Waiata, 1981.

Three Sisters,  2:21
INXS, from Listen Like Theives, 1985.

Somebody Up There Likes You,  5:00
Simple Minds, from New Gold Dream, 1982.

Amanita Muscara,  4:18
Shelleyan Orphan, from Century Flower, 1989.

Last Date,  2:16
R.E.M., from Complete Rarities:  I.R.S. 1982-1987.

R.E.M., Michael Stipe
R.E.M., Michael Stipe


Bonus Tracks

If you’re hooked, don’t worry.  I’ve got a whole new list up my sleeve. I’ll just wait to surprise you one of these weeks.  Probably on a day even chillier and gloomier outside than today, like when we’re under three feet of snow and could use a little perk me up to get us through to spring.  But, not to disappoint, if you’d like to extend your meditation playlist, please throw this into the above mix somewhere:

Money Changes Everything,  4:41
The Smiths, from The World Won’t Listen, 1987.

And, for a little more intensity, drop this favorite of mine in the middle:

Pimpf,  4:34
Depeche Mode, from Strangelove, 1987.

The Meditation:

Now that you’ve got your fantastic 80’s instrumentals by these iconic groups, whatever will you focus on for your meditation?  Easy!  This is the best opportunity to set a theme to explore your past, present, and future.  How are they connected?  What is holding you back?  What is pushing you forward?  Everything you’ve already been through, everything you have done, everything you have learned leads you to what is still awaiting you.  It’s your foundation, maybe not flawless, but perfectly beautiful for all of it’s character.  Where will you go next?  Use the playlist to explore all the possibilities.

Depeche Mode, Strangelove

Imagine there are a series of staggered doorways (as in this picture), and each one leads to a scene of your past, of your present, and of your future.  You can choose which door to go through first.  You might choose to only explore through one, but you have the option to move to each of the other doors to see how each of the scenes is connected.  When you’re finished just make sure each door is closed – that way it will be ready for you to come back to explore further another time.

I hope you enjoy your meditation and The 80’s Playlist.  Let me know how it goes — please come back to contribute your meditation stories.   Enjoy!


Throwback Thursday