polwkshpsPresence of Light Intermediate Session Two includes the following sessions:


Class topics: exploring various methods to create positive change and outcomes, visualization. Get ready to be creative!


Class topics: Chakras, Auras and Energy , Colors, Opening/Closing. Learn more about how our energy works and what all the color around us means. You might be surprised at all you can see!


Class topics: Meeting your spirit guides, discernment. Techniques and exercises to help you connect with your spirit guides…hear, see and meet them!

Intermediate Classes

The ten intermediate classes for the Presence of Light Workshop series introduce new skills and topics, while building upon what was learned in the core classes, with continuing development of ultra-sensory abilities. Focus is on personal spiritual and psychic awareness. Highlights include working directly with your spirit guides, making predictions, and learning about auras. Many students work in preparation for the advanced concepts classes.

  • Workshop Spiritual Development
  • Series Presence of Light
  • Level Intermediate
  • Pre-Requisites Int Session I