ssdlogo2Find answers to your life’s questions in everyday happenings. Learn about opening to synchronicities in life and how to interpret your dreams.

Topics include:

Get a Sign, Synchro-what?, Remembering and Understanding Dreams, Animal Messages, and Symbols.

A great class for people of all backgrounds and abilities, this two-night workshop helps us with understanding signs and synchronicities we all encounter in life, as well as with learning to interpret dreams…including how to better remember them!

Learning how to utilize signs, synchronicities, animal totems and dreams, are all great ways to connect and communicate with your spirit guides, higher self and passed loved ones, too. You’ll even get messages during the class through some of the hands-on activities. Students will all receive a course workbook and a dream journal.

  • Workshop Spiritual Development
  • Series
  • Level Open to All
  • Pre-Requisites Optional: POL Core