Stories in Your Own Words

Have you done a meditation at a class with Heather? Did you try one of the meditations or a meditation playlist from the “Contemplations” section of the BLUE DOOR? Please share your results with us.  You can include details about the meditation, and also if there is additional “backstory” to explain the significance of your meditation experience, be sure to add that in as well.

If you would like to have your story about your meditation included on the site OR in a future publication, either email your story, or use the attached form.  Be sure to include the following information, so proper credit will be given:

  • your First Name, Last Initial
  • US State or Country you live in

(**Please note that submission is voluntary and by doing so, you are granting copyright permissions to Heather Oelschlager, to use the submitted text online or in print publication format).

Thank-You for sharing your Meditation Stories!

What to write about
Need a little inspiration for your submission for your meditation stories? Try one or more of the following prompts…
  •   What you saw/what the experience was
  •   What the significance was to you at the time
  •   What sort of information or message you received
  •   Any sort of synchronicity this may have played a part of
  •   How the meditation was helpful to you (how it answered a question/concern, or gave you guidance, was of comfort, etc)
  •   What type of insight or awareness came from the experience
  •   Something you learned about yourself or your life
  •   How the meditation was moving or emotional
  •   How the meditation connected you to another person (whether by a message given or shared experience…)
  •   How it was premonitory to some later event
  •   Why it was a favorite meditation
  •   What worked best about it ~or~ why you struggled with it
  •   What surprised you
  •   What “universal truth” it presented to you
  •   What “sign” you got to validate the information
  …and those are just a few ideas of how to formulate your paragraph or story.

If you still have questions, please feel free to drop an email to ask

Additionally, your STORIES from Sessions/Appointment & Classes with Heather can be submitted, too!