nightsoftarot1Always wanted an opportunity to try using that deck you’ve got laying around? Now is your chance!

Learn a few basics of tarot, try some familiarization exercises, gain insights for yourself, practice to interpret cards for others and more. With Heather’s psychic approach to tarot, you won’t be memorizing any guidebook, but you will be doing readings for yourself and others already from the first night.

Bring a standard 78-card tarot deck** and your questions!

Tarot 1

Study the Major Arcana, Short Spreads, +more

Tarot 2

Focus on Minor Arcana, 5-7 Card Spreads, +more

Tarot 3

Animals & Symbolism; Knowing your Deck, 10-12 Card Spreads, +more

Tarot 4

Create and Practice your own tarot spreads


This workshop is a special small-group course designed to teach students how to use tarot in conjunction with their own natural psychic and intuitive senses. Tarot is an excellent psychic development tool and means to connect with your spirit guides.

The Nights of Tarot Workshop fee includes a copy of Heather’s tarot workbook with additional “home study” exercises to help you practice and familiarize yourself with your deck between class nights too, for 22 complete Nights of Tarot study.

**If you do not already have a tarot deck, please ask Heather about purchasing suggestions or make arrangements ahead of time for Heather to get one for you. Note: Oracle decks are not suitable for these workshops.

  • Workshop Spiritual Development
  • Series Divination
  • Level Intermediate, Advanced
  • Pre-Requisites Int Session II