polwkshpsIntermediate Classes

The ten intermediate classes for the Presence of Light Workshop series introduce new skills and topics, while building upon what was learned in the core classes, with continuing development of ultra-sensory abilities. Focus is on personal spiritual and psychic awareness. Highlights include working directly with your spirit guides, making predictions, and learning about auras. Many students work in preparation for the advanced concepts classes.

Session one:


Class topics: Trusting Inner Voice, Ultra-sensory development exercises, making predictions, clairolience, clairgustance.┬áIt’s a fun and tasty class!


Class topics: Finding your purpose, awakening, enlightenment, ascension, expanding awareness. Includes a meditation for insights into your past, present & future.


Class Topics: Clairsentience, beginning psychic remote viewing skills. Play PRV and Whodunnit games.

  • Workshop Spiritual Development
  • Series Presence of Light
  • Level Intermediate
  • Pre-Requisites Voice, POL Core Classes