polwkshpsPresence of Light Advanced Workshops

These five advanced concepts classes for the Presence of Light Workshop series allow students to explore new abilities and discover their progressing spiritual paths as they work on a personal level as well as on learning ways to assist and share their skills with others. The advance session prepares students to diverge into the other advanced study course areas of divination and remote viewing.


Class topics: Ultra-sensory Readings; Messages for self and others, Sending & Receiving


Class Topics: Automatic Writing methods & practice, Channeling


Class topics: Channeling, Mediumship


Class topics: Intro to Healing Methods, Kundalini (psychic energy), psychic protection, Everyday Healing


Class topics: Energy Balancing and Healing, Distance Healing, Body Scanning,

  • Workshop Spiritual Development
  • Series Presence of Light
  • Level Advanced
  • Pre-Requisites Core & Intermediate Sessions