Fiddle Roots (20-Minute Meditation Playlist)


fiddle roots meditation musicFiddle Meditation Music

Even if you have heard them on A Prairie Home Companion or CBS Good Morning, your first thought of Jay Ungar & Molly Mason fiddling was probably not “Hey! New fiddle meditation music!” This just might change your mind.

Known for playing a broad range of styles including Americana, Celtic, Cajun, country, swing, and blues, you won’t be disappointed with this fun meditation playlist. Selections suggested below are from three of their various albums and there are plenty of other options available once you sort through those with vocalists and the more spirited pieces.  Give them a try – it goes to show some great meditation background tunes come from very unexpected places. Be sure to listen to the samples at the bottom; click through to get to the full iTunes versions.

Waltzing with You:
    • Fog Scene 1:10
      Open with this short piece – I think it will help draw you into a deeper meditative state.
    • Cows on the Hill 3:45
      (I know what you’re thinking right now, but trust me, you must go have a listen.)
    • Roscoe’s Waterfall 2:48
Relax Your Mind:
      • The Ookpik Waltz 3:52
        (No, nothing to do with teeth cleaning.)

An Ookpik ([ukˈpik]) is a popular Inuit handicraft toy. It is a small, souvenir owl with large head and big eyes, a beak, and small black talons. They are often made from wolf fur, sealskin and other traditional materials. Ukpik is the Inuktitut word for Snowy Owl.


If you want a longer playlist you could also add in one or both of these selections from the same album:

      • The Blue River Waltz  4:47
      • The Old Madera Waltz 4:08
Harvest Home:
      • Prairie Spring 3:42
      • Ashokan Farewell 5:08
        Closing out the playlist with the duos most popular piece.

Clearly, you all need some good fiddle meditation music in your life, but now you need a meditation to go along with it.

The Meditation:

Begin by closing your eyes and relaxing. As your meditative state deepens, you feel  a warm breeze on your face. As that happens, you open your eyes. A wide field of bluebonnets surrounds you. From there…just see where the music takes you.

Additional Info:

You can learn more about Jay & Molly at their website:

Purchase CDs and sheet music through their site, Amazon & CDBaby. Individual MP3s to create the playlist in this article are available on iTunes.

As always, please consider sharing your meditation experience story with us.  Comment below or use the submission form.  


Fiddle Roots