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MN, IA, WI Sessions for 2018

Accepting clients worldwide. Phone appointments and email readings are available with Psychic Medium Heather Oelschlager. In-person sessions are available in southeast Minnesota, including HASTINGS, Rochester, Mantorville, and Wanamingo. Now offering appointment options in northern Iowa, too!  There is limited availability for in-person sessions in Waverly, Iowa. Please inquire about dates and book in advance. Last minute appointment openings and next available dates can be found on the Session Openings page.

All appointments are arranged by email. To schedule an in-person or telephone consultation, please email Heather Oelschlager directly at hloelschlager at gmail.com.

Please Note: Prices below are for one-on-one individual consultations only and are subject to change. Payment is due upon booking. Be sure to read the payment & cancellation policy.

Psychic and/or Mediumship Consultation
  • Regular weekday hours session (9am-3pm)  . . . . . . . . $140/hour, in-person (Hastings) or by phone 
  • Weekend/After-hours session  AND Regular weekday hours (Rochester/Mantorville/Waverly) . . . . . . . .$160/hour, in-person or by phone
  • Half-hour phone session (9am-3pm, weekdays)  . . . . . .$78/half-hour**
  • Half-hour phone session (weekend/after-hours . . . . . . .$88//half-hour**
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Fees are based on an hourly rate. When additional time is available, if you wish to extend your session past your original session time, a fee for the balance is due based on your initial appointment rate. This is charged in half-hour increments only.

Psychic Tarot Reading (in-person or by phone, as a whole or part of a session) . . . . Refer to pricing above.

Psychic Tarot Reading by email

Prices range from $35-155. Please enquire if you have questions about which option is best for you, or feel free to order from this or the homepage if you already have decided. Each reading is customized for the individual and the questions at hand. The most common options include:

  • Basic: 1-question reading ($35, 3 cards);
  • Advice spread.  A 1-question reading ($50, 5 cards);
  • Details: 1-question plus additional topic insights ($140, 10-11 cards);
  • 6-months ahead forecast ($78, 6-7 cards);
  • Year-ahead forecast ($160, 17 cards).

Past Life Regression . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $205/session

  • (In-person session length is approximately two hours; please enquire)
Please enquire about these other available services too:
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Energy Balancing & Spiritual Healing
  • Missing Person Family Assistance (no fees charged to families)
Further Details:

Regular appointments, we typically schedule at 10/1030/11am or 130pm and 330pm on weekdays. In-person sessions are scheduled in HASTINGS (8:30am-3pm on weekdays). Rochester and Mantorville, MN are other meeting options; these sessions are more readily available if booked back-to-back with 2-3 people, so if you have friends/family also interested, booking at the same time can be to your advantage. Appointments in Waverly, Iowa are now being booked and dates are approximately once each month, so be sure to book early.

Other evening or weekend sessions may be scheduled by special arrangement when there is availability. An additional $10/half-hour charge added to the above fees: $160/hour or $88/half-hour for after-hours or weekend appts. Select weekend sessions are available in Rochester or Mantorville, MN; email to enquire about available dates.

**These 30-minute sessions are only by phone unless special arrangements are made in advance. Should you opt to extend your session beyond the time limit, the balance for the remainder of the hour will be due.

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Back-to-back appointments scheduled for two people in-person are one-hour private sessions per individual.  When booking for three-five people you may mix/match full and half-hour sessions. Rates above apply.  || Shared Appointments: To have one or more people sit in on a private session there is a $30/person fee.  This is generally allowed only for people to discuss shared questions on particular life matters or a shared loss. It is a great option for grief and loss sessions, as well as to cover questions concerning the relationship of the clients.

A Note on Back-to-back sessions: 

Often, when booking a session for younger children, parents opt for a shared session. They typically sit in on the appointment for ten to thirty minutes only, unless the child wishes not to ask questions privately. This is always decided during the appointment

Booking back-to-back sessions is encouraged, as opposed to shared sessions, whenever possible. This way, it is possible to address personal questions not discussed in a shared session. In the event that the focus is to re-connect with a passed loved one, it also gives the opportunity for more personal stories and information to surface. We first meet altogether for a portion of the time to cover shared questions. The remaining time we divide between the two clients for asking questions privately on any matter.


Private events (family/friend groups, reunions, business parties, bachelorette parties, etc.) with Heather are scheduled at your hosted locations with a group of six or more. Events are a minimum of two hours. For a fee quote of your particular event, please email Heather to discuss the specifics and make arrangements.


Based on availability, Heather does book speaking engagements at schools, book clubs, support groups, and other organizations.  It is best to email directly with details to discuss the opportunity.

Payment & Cancellation Policies