How do I schedule an appointment with Heather?

Simply email Heather with your appointment request. It is helpful, if you already know, to indicate whether you are looking for a phone or an in-person session. If you are scheduling a regression or other service, be sure to indicate that too. If you have some dates in mind include those in your email and she will check those against her schedule right away, otherwise she will advise you of her next available openings. Appointments are typically scheduled weekdays between 10am-3pm, though if you have special circumstances (ie. driving a long distance, only being in the area on a certain day, etc.) let her know and she will try to accomodate you..

How should I prepare for my appointment?

If you’re planning to have a psychic-mediumship session, it is recommended that you prepare a written list of questions ahead of time to have with you during your appointment. This way, the questions you have won’t be overlooked or forgotten. Many of your questions are likely to be answered before you get to ask them, but the process of writing them down sets your intention too that you are ready to hear the answers.

It’s also a great idea to come into your appointment with a completely open heart and mind. Though healthy skepticism is a natural protection, we can also put up barriers to answers and insights that may be allowed to us if we hold onto an angry or unhealthy skepticism, or if we try to set strict expectations. By being open to the insights, we will get the most complete information or guidance.

How do payments work for telephone sessions or email tarot readings?

Once your appointment is scheduled or the email reading is arranged, Heather will send you an email invoice for the amount of the corresponding service. This invoice can be paid online upon receipt, prior to your session by using a credit or debit card. Payments are processed through PayPal, but you do not need to have your own account with them in order to complete your payment. The phone number to call for your appointment will be printed on your invoice as well.


Can you tell me about your workshops?

Most workshop and class information can be found in the Academy pages. Heather offers a wide variety of learning opportunities on many subjects inlcuding: psychic and spiritual development classes for all ages, ghosts, spirit guides, meditation, tarot and other divination methods, grief and loss, spirit photography, past lives, dream interpretation, synchronicity and much more. Classes run year-round, but some are offered only once a year. Workshops offered through area Community Education programs are at a discounted rate. There is something for everyone! If you’d like to receive periodic updates by email, please email Heather and ask to be added to the email list, or join her Facebook page for the most current news.  Other specific questions on classes are welcomed via email too.


What kinds of parties can be booked and what should I know to plan my event?

Heather offers a number of options and will work with you to find the most fitting of activities for your group, whether it’s an office party, bachelorette party, graduation, birthday, holiday, book club meeting, or simply a gathering of friends. Mini-readings are the most popular activity and depending on the number of guests (6 minimum) and time booked (2-hour minimum), the one-on-one mini-readings might last from 5-20 minutes and guests are invited to ask questions they would like insights on. Other options you may wish to incorporate into your event might include tarot mini-readings, a group guided-meditation, a psychic game or activity, or even opting for a private class for the group either in place of, or in combination with the mini-readings, such as Voice: An Intuition Workshop or The Unexplained.

Is Heather available for other speaking engagements or private events?

Yes! If you have a group and an interest, then by all means be sure to contact Heather. Each year she speaks to classes of high school students, grief support groups, and other organizations on any number of topics. Some of these events may qualify as reduced-fee or free-of-charge events too. Just drop an email and let her know what you are organizing and she will work with you to make arrangements according to your interests, time allotment and budget.