heather oelschlagerHeather Oelschlager Bio

Heather Oelschlager is a professional psychic medium from southern Minnesota. She has presented numerous workshops for adults, teens and children on spiritual growth, psychic development, and grief & loss over the past sixteen years. Although she enjoys the personal connection of speaking to groups and doing consultations in person, she has much experience working with people across the U. S. and overseas, by phone, online, and on radio. Several magazine, newspaper, and TV news stories feature Heather and her classes over the years. In addition to workshops and psychic mediumship consultations, Heather also offers a number of other services. These include energy balancing and healing, past life regressions, psychic tarot readings and dream interpretation. Providing missing person assistance (for families, authorities, and search dog services) is another aspect of Heather’s work.

When not working with clients and Mandorla Academy classes, Heather is often working on art & writing projects and AURAGEMS by Heather, her online metaphysical jewelry and gifts shop.

Consultations with Heather

There is no one set format for an appointment with Heather. She helps address whatever concerns the client has in the moment. One person will work with Heather to re-connect with their passed loved ones and to address grief & loss in a more non-traditional way.  Another may use the time to cover life topics and questions. Relationships, career/work/school, personal growth, spiritual development, finances, health, travel, hobbies, and children/family are just some of the main possibilities. Another person may wish to split their session to address both mediumship aspect and psychic aspect questions. Mediumship pertains to re-connecting with passed loved ones, while psychic is regarding past, present, and future life concerns. Others still use their session time for “private lessons” regarding spirituality, life path/purpose, and developing awareness, Heather works with you to make sure you get the type of session that is most beneficial to you.

To learn more about booking an appointment or event with Heather Oelschlager, please visit the Consultations page. A complete list of service options is available there, as well as pricing and other information. The FAQ‘s page may also be helpful to you.