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Tea & Tarot

Heather’s Morning Coffee Tarot & Chat and Tea & Tarot Events are an opportunity to keep your reading skills fresh, to try new spreads, to read for new people. Current and past students are all invited to reconnect and have fun a in a great environment for practicing tarot. Each person participating will be able to give and receive at least one reading, so be sure to bring a question or two. There will be a handout with a new spread to try or take home from the event too.

Occasionally, guests with no tarot experience, who are just interested in having a reading done for fun and want to learn a little bit of beginner information about it, are invited to join us. If you’re interested in participating either for practice or as a guest, be sure you are added on Heather’s emailing list and connect on Facebook so you will be updated on events each time they come up.

  • Workshop Spiritual Development
  • Series Divination
  • Level Intermediate, Advanced
  • Pre-Requisites Nights of Tarot