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Whether it’s about healing, passed loved ones, synchronicities, or an Aha! moment, many people find they have great stories to tell following a workshop or a consultation with Heather.

If you would like to share your story, please email it to Heather, or use the attached form to submit.  In the event you’re sharing a story that has a photo to go along with it, you’re welcome to email that, too.  Select stories may be included in the BLUE DOOR or a future print publication, so be sure to include the following information so we can give proper credit:

  • your First Name, Last Initial
  • US State or Country you live in
  • Is your story related to a phone appointment, in-person appointment, or privately hosted event?  If so, which and if there are any important specifics, be sure to include them.
  • Is your story related to a workshop you’ve taken with Heather?  If so, please include the workshop title and date/year you took the class (approximate is fine).

(**Please note that submission is voluntary and by doing so, you are granting copyright permissions to Heather Oelschlager, to use the submitted text and/or photo online or in print publication format).

Thank-You for sharing your stories!

What to WRITE About
FROM Appointments, Grief/Loss, Perspectives on Grief & Loss Workshop, and your Healing Processyour class/session stories
Tell your grief story, about what was learned during an appointment or through a workshop with Heather, and what  transpired in your healing after that.  Include whatever background information is needed to make your story complete. I’m not looking for stories about me, even if I’m a small piece of the story.
The stories can include anything really, but some ideas to consider are:
  •   A grief question that was answered (whether during and/or events that transpired following the appointment)
  •   Important messages you received (that have helped your healing process)
  •   How you were able to connect to your loved one
  •   Healing or understanding that took place or followed
  •   What helped you the most in your grieving process
  •   How you’ve “transformed your relationship” (if you’ve been through the class, you know what that means exactly)
  •   What the significance was to you at the time
  •   What sort of information or message you received
  •   Any sort of synchronicity this may have played a part of
  •   Something you learned about yourself or your grieving process
  •   Something that helped you to help another person through their grieving process
  •   How the experience/healing was meaningful, moving….
  •   What surprised you
  •   What “signs” you got to validate the information
  •   How non-traditional insights about grief/healing have been helpful
  •   How being open to non-traditional healing helped, was relevant, affirming, or beneficial compared to a traditional, customary, or religious ideas/methods

Additionally, please include 1-5 questions about grief/death/dying/loss that you have or have had previously. Anything you were faced with, struggled with, or sought to understand during a grieving period is what I’m looking for. You could even include a common question you know a friend/family member has had. I’m accumulating a list of the most common questions people have when they find themselves in the midst of a loss. Be sure to include ones that people are usually afraid to ask, like “Is it okay that I’m really angry with ___?”

FROM Spiritual Development Workshops

Be sure to include the name of the class and explain/describe any topic, scenario, or exercise from the class that is relevant to your story. To add to ideas that you already have, consider the following:

  • Why you took a certain class and how it was beneficial to your personal/spiritual growth
  • What you learn that was unexpected
  • Something that brought validation to you
  • Something that was synchronistic
  • How a class topic/conversation/exercise related to an event(s) in daily life
  • What you learned about yourself or your spirituality
  • How a class topic/conversation/exercise helped you
  • How a class topic/conversation/exercise changed, inspired, motivated, or moved you
  • What part of class paralleled other life events, or lead you to a next step or opportunity
  • How your perspective grew or changed
  • How you have used a new or improved skill in your daily life

    You can also submit your MEDITATION STORIES! Just click here.