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Booking an Appointment

Have a private session with Heather. Receive guidance and insights into your life questions, grief & loss, or re-connect with passed loved ones.


Whether you’re local and hoping to meet in-person, or you’re across the states or overseas and interested in a phone consultation, Heather will be happy to check availability for any dates you have in mind or to answer your questions. Dates typically book one week to three months in advance. There are exceptions to this, so please don’t hesitate to email. She regularly meets with clients from across Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin at sessions held in Hastings, Mantorville, and Rochester. Phone appointments are a great and convenient option for anyone at a distance or with a busy schedule. The information, insights, and the process are the same either way for Heather. She only considers it a bonus when she has a chance to chat in-person with her clients, since there are so many she will never have the opportunity to do that with. There are even some email options to consider if you’ve just got a single question as your focus.

For more information about consultations or scheduling your group event, please visit the Sessions and FAQ’s pages. You will also find information there about back-to-back and shared sessions. If you are ready to book or can’t find what you’re looking for, simply email Heather at hloelschlager at! You can even use the email contact form, just click here.

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