Men Meditate (20-Minute Meditation Playlist)


man on bench vintageMen Meditate, Too

Let’s face it, your routine of listening to 210 Nature Sounds while you meditate needs to get changed up a bit (even though there are 20 fabulous hours worth of meditation ambiance on that one CD).  And, despite the privacy of purchasing downloads from iTunes, you think someone could possibly, maybe, on some remote off-chance, find out that you are buying meditation music, so you are in no way going to be caught dead with a full copy of Fairy in the Woods in hand. (Even if it is a pretty good musical background option, you shouldn’t have to defend your masculinity).  Well fear not, you can meditate and not even flinch the next time someone wants to scroll through your music collection; just get this whole playlist of Moby tracks, perfect for your downtime.

The Playlist:

Moby,_Area_OnePlay & Play: B-sides

  • Guitar Flute & String  2:09
  • Spirit  4:08

Songs 1993-1998

  • The Rain Falls & the Sky Shudders  6:16
    (Because we wouldn’t want you to go cold turkey on all your nature sounds.)

Go: The Very Best of Moby

  • God Moving Over the Face of the Waters  5:45
    (Or, if you prefer, God –by whatever name you call him- Moving Over the Face of the Waters; because it’s just a song, not a religious identity.)

Animal Rights

  • Love Song for My Mom  3:49

Bonus Track to extend your playlist:  Everything That Rises (4:36) from Moby’s newest album, Innocents.


The Meditation:

Now you’ve got the playlist and you are not sure how to get started with your meditation?  During your opening track, visualize yourself finishing up with something manly (like getting done with work, helping your wife or kids with a task, leaving after a pick-up game, washing up after fixing something).  As you finish, see yourself going outside somewhere, as you think to yourself…“What is important for me to be aware of right now?,” then see where the meditation leads you.

Women, you are certainly not left out – Moby is for everyone!  Just choose your own meditation scenario of whatever task you’re completing and see what happens next.

You can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Moby at his website:

Playlist Samples:

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