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Have you shared your story with us yet?  Heather is actively collecting both MEDITATION STORIES and SESSION or WORKSHOP STORIES. Select submissions will be used in Heather’s upcoming writing projects and website articles. By sharing your personal stories, you can pay it forward, helping others in the process who will benefit from the words you share.


If you have ever done one (or more!) of Heather’s guided meditations during a workshop, on your own at home after class, or from the Blue Door blog (Contemplations section), please share your experience in writing. Maybe you’ve used one of the 20-Minute Meditation Playlists and a related meditation session?  Tell about your experience and how it was moving, meaningful, validating, helpful, or part of a bigger synchronicity. Further suggestions for what to write about are available on the submissions page, too. Submit here.

Appointments and Classes

Just as importantly, the experiences you’ve had during and following an appointment with Heather, or related to a workshop you’ve taken, your stories can help others  — through the grief process, or through their own journey through spiritual development. For the projects Heather is working on, many voices will resound further than a solitary one, when your stories are told and they are relatable to the readers. Prompts for ideas are included on the submissions page to help you get started. Submit here.


Write as little or as much as you’d like in order to share your story. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or editing — that will be taken care of prior to any printing. Simply just tell the story in your own voice. And, if you have any questions, be sure to drop an email to Heather to ask. If there is any need to have names changed, please let me know as I will respect those requests.


In advance, thank-you for offering your stories and experiences…they are important and will make a difference in this world.