Workshop: Spirits Around Us

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For the Paranormally Curious

We feel like someone is watching over us. We glimpse a shadow walking past from the corner of our eye.  We hear someone say our name as we are just falling asleep… it’s clear that there are spirits around us, but who are they?  Are they trying to tell us something?  How can we tell who they are?  How do we connect to them?

At night one of WORKSHOPS in the PARK, “Spirits Around Us”, Heather will help you answer all those questions.  We’ll do hand-on activities & exercises and we’ll talk about angels, spirit guides, soul mates, and more!

June 28, 6:30-8:30PM, Riverside Park in Mantorville, MN  with Psychic Medium Heather Oelschlager

Click for complete Workshop Details & Registration.  Class is open to students of all levels.