Year-Round Valentine Meditation (plus 20-Minute Playlist)


A Valentine Meditation

February 14th is not the only day of the year that what – and who- is in your heart is of importance.   So what better theme for your next meditation than love and relationships…and what better Valentine meditation music than the instrumental love songs from movies and television shows.  It’s all just so fitting.  Lots of warm, melodic orchestral pieces, complete with emotional strings and even a bit of piano.  As always there are a couple bonus tracks thrown in for those of you who would like to meditate for even longer.  Don’t miss the guided meditation ideas following the playlist for your Valentine meditation at any time of the year. At the bottom of the page you can listen to samples of all the song suggestions and click straight through to iTunes to create your list.

The Songs:


Jacob Sees Marlena – 5:00
James Newton Howard
from Water for Elephants (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).


To Be Apart – 2:33
Adrian Johnston
from Becoming Jane (Original Score).



Henry Meets Anne Boleyn – 2:06Trevor Morris from The Tudors (Music from the Showtime Original Series)




Harry & Hermione – 4:32
Global Stage Orchestra Music
from Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince.





Waiting for Mr. Rochester – 2:06
Dario Marianelli
from Jane Eyre (Original Motion Picture).



Love Theme – 2:51
Craig Armstrong & AR Rahman
from Elizabeth: the Golden Age (Music from the Motion Picture).




Whisper of a Thrill – 6:16
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
from Meet Joe Black (The Film Music of Thomas Newman).



Bonus Song Tracks:

On the Lake – 5:37
Aaron Zigman
from The Notebook (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).  I had this after Love Theme, but decided to add it as a bonus track because it is likely song that will be most immediately recognizable to you.  For some that might prove distracting during a meditation, so with it in the bonus section you can decide if you’d like to add it to the mix or not.  (It’s a bit of  a guilty pleasure at any rate.  Add it.  You know you want to).


I Need You – 2:54
James Newton Howard
from Love & Other Drugs. This has a vocal line through parts of it done by Vonda Shepard.  So once again, I’ve added it in the bonus section because although I think it is a fantastic track, if you’re easily distracted by a change in the flow of music you might want to put this at the end of the playlist.  It’s a beautiful song, so at least give it a try.



Two Options For Your Guided Meditation

1. If you already have a significant other…

Much can be learned about a relationship and the purpose for being together by coming to understand both what you each need from the other and what gifts you have to offer the other.   Begin your meditation by focusing on these questions:  “What do I need to know right now about the soul agreement between myself and ____________?” and “How can I best honor our soul agreement?”

If you are struggling with your relationship, you may wish to also add on the questions:  “Is our soul agreement already completed?” or “Is there an issue that has put the fulfillment of our soul agreement at a standstill?”  And, “If so, what do I need to know so that I might resolve it or re-energize the progress?”

2. If you are still awaiting your beloved’s arrival…

Go into your meditation by quietly and objectively focusing on the following questions:  “Am I ready to meet kindred mate?  If so,  what might I do to recognize and meet him/her?  If not, what more might I do to prepare myself for him/her to come into my life?”  (Also:  “Is there anything about Divine timing that I should be aware of in this situation.”)

For either option…once you have your questions in mind…

Imagine that you are a walking into a dark space that is dimly lit with sparkling little white lights…this might turn out to be a place you’ve been before, or a grand ballroom, or even lovely canopy of trees outdoors…just let the scene unfold as it is meant for you personally.  In this space, as you hold on to the questions you chose, allow the answers to come to you whether through symbolic messages, or infused thought, interactions with your spirit guides, or the higher selves of your significant other.

Be open and simply listen calmly.  When it feels like the flow of information stops, you can add on your own follow-up questions if you like, but remember to ask and then quickly return to that state of active observation and listening once you ask them.  Take as much time for your meditation as you’d like. Be sure to thank anyone who has offered you guidance during your meditation before you let the scene fade behind you as you return home.

FOLLOWING your MEDITATION:  Please remember to send in your meditation stories and leave your comments.

Thank-you! ~Heather


Originally published on Feb 26, 2015 @ 10:03