Ten Valentines for your Kindred Mate

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Valentines for the one you love…from the more traditional ideas to those intended for framing, to art prints, message boxes & pillows that are a little more unique, there are so many ways to express your love to your kindred mate.lilcubby





Valentine Card by lilcubby  $3.95 + $1.50 shipping.  You can write an entire love letter inside this blank card.



Love Like That Card by PamelaZagarenski $4.25 + $2 shipping  (5×7).  This is one of those cards that will be treasured forever as it is one sure to be framed.




Rumi Quote Card by ChristinaMinasian $5.50 + $2.50 shipping (5×7).  You can never have enough of Rumi’s love poetry, for Valentine’s Day or any other.



Eros & Psyche Art Card or Printclaudinesartcards by ClaudinesArtCards $3.09-$10.04 + $3.09 shipping (from UK).  Because sometimes words wouldn’t be sufficient.





Old Friends Message Box by LuckyBugPaperCo $10.50 + $3.60 shipping.  For a gift within a gift – the wrapping will be as special as whatever little tokens of your affection that you enclose.




Peace, Light, Love Message Box Necklace by AURAGEMSbyHeather  $44.95 (free shipping).  Hand-write your love notes and tuck them inside the silver charm box of this necklace so your loved one can always carry them with her.



Custom Notebook Paper Pillowdesignlab443 by designlab443  $65 + $8.50 shipping.  Say exactly what you want to say with one of Tracy’s personalized message pillows. It’s even better than passing a note in class!






I Love You – Chalkboard Print by FestoonsandFlourish $15 or $30 +$5 shipping.  For the man (or woman) of few words this is Love – Plain and simple.





Kindred Spirits Print by SeaDreamArt $15 + $3 shipping (5×5).  A picture says a thousand words.





Kindred Spirits Giclee Print by kristenheinlein $42 (10×20) or $85 (20×40) + $8 shipping.

Kristen says: “I painted ‘Kindred Spirits’ right after I got married to my husband. It’s 100% inspired by love, adventure, and unity.”  I can’t say it better than that; the artwork speaks volumes through its symbolism.