Meditation for a Rainy Week

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Rainy Week Meditation

rainyweek A healing meditation on a rainy day shouldn’t be too far of a leap when the forecast looks like this.  You don’t have to be born under a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) to enjoy these overcast days, but whether you love the rain or not, everyone can certainly benefit from turning this opportunity into a little positive boost of energy. Here is a rainy week meditation I have written just for the occasion.

The Meditation:

Start your meditation session by imagining walking out your front door (if you feel like doing a “walking meditation”…go right ahead and actually go out).  You’re going to walk a short loop, so you know what route might work best for you, whether that’s walking around the block, or a lap around the perimeter of your yard, is up to you.  Just think of where the mid-point might be, so when you get to it you will know that is the “pausing point” when we get to it.

As you begin your walk, for this first half, try to think of all the things that have been troubling you in the past few days…what has been causing worry, stress, pain, or confusion.  Try to think of these things in a more removed kind of way, so that you just collect a mental list of them, rather than fall into dwelling or over-analyzing them. By the time you reach the midway point of your walk, you should have come up with your list.  So now, to let the rain wash away your troubles. Stop here for awhile and lift your face to the sky.  Let the gentle rain wash over you and as it does, send this affirmation (or your variation of it) out to the Universe:

umbrellaAs the rain washes over me, it washes away my (worries, stress, pain, confusion) and this list of troubles.  I release them to the Universe and with faith I accept grace and love in their place.  I am loved, I am whole, I am safe,  I am blessed, and I am at peace.  God (by whatever name you call Him), my guides and angels, please send me your healing, as I continue my loop to return home.

At this point, imagine there is now a bright, colorful umbrella waiting for you.  You can open it for the remainder of your walk.  Listen to the soothing, peaceful sound of the rain, continuing to help and heal you.  See that the light filters through your umbrella, casting a wonderful, uplifting healing glow around you.  As your reach the end of your walk, back at your front door, offer your thanks and gratitude to those who have accompanied you on your walk to help you.

After you finish your meditation, please come back to Share Your Meditation Story. Thank-you!