Mandala Meditation for Abundance

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Abundance Meditation with a Mandala, from Psychic Medium Heather Oelschlager

With the first day of summer arriving soon, I think about how this season can be such a productive time for many people.  Nature is in full bloom, the days are long, and we can be outdoors to revitalize and find inspiration.  In fact, the pagan celebration of Litha, or Midsummer, focuses on themes of nature, growth, and creativity, and is celebrated with festivals, bonfires, fresh produce, flowers, crafts, and music. So, to combine a little bit of that celebratory spirit with a creative, abundance meditation seems like the fitting thing to do.

Back in October, I wrote about mandalas and how they are a wonderful tool for activity meditations. There are three mandalas for you in that article if you missed it, by the way. It feels like it is time to share a new one with you.  This one has a more specific focus, created with the intention to draw abundance toward whomever uses it during meditation.  So, click the thumbnail for your printable version, then grab your colored pencils or markers, and head outdoors for a little nature meditation time.



Remember as you focus on coloring this mandala in heightened meditative mindset, begin by coloring the center with a color (or colors, because who am I to limit your creativity) that represents abundance to you.  It works best if you use those colors which speak to you in the moment, so don’t allow this to influence logical choices, but traditionally, greens are about growth, creativity, and fertility.  Yellows about joy , intellect, home and connections to others.  Reds and oranges for passion, vitality, and productivity.  Not to forget about the cool blues and purples, for communication, hope, spirituality, and awareness.  As you color in your mandala, feel free to elaborate on the initial design by sketching in patterns and details of your own as you go.

Once you have a good start on your mandala, imagine those center starbursts you color radiating out into the Universe, as a beacon to attract and bring back to you that abundance you seek in your life.   Abundance means many different things to different people, and it can even change throughout a person’s lifetime, so whatever it is that you seek to enhance or magnify, is as it should be.   In a heightened meditative state, upon completing your mandala, you might perceive aspects of abundance, or answers to questions you’ve asked coming to you, basically as a response to your sending that initial wave of starburst energy outward.


Make sure you journal about your experience afterward, and feel free to use your completed mandala to meditate on the theme of abundance any time you are so inclined; simply hold on to it and gaze at the design as your begin your meditation until you feel you’re ready to close your eyes to concentrate and listen.  Save your finished mandala in your meditation journal, or hang it in a place where you’ll see it regularly and be reconnected to the energy of abundance.

Please remember to come back and  share your meditation experience here.  If you’d like to, include a JPEG of your completed mandala. To submit,  go to: Meditation Stories.

*Originally published 16Jun2015*