Giving Thanks (20-Minute Meditation Playlist) + Activity Meditation


A Holiday Activity Meditation for You

Knowing how busy things get in the days before Thanksgiving, I wanted to get this Giving Thanks playlist out to you all.  Now you have the choice to try it either the weekend before or after.  It’s an eclectic mix of music styles, a little something for everyone.  Be sure not to miss the surprise extra track.  It is a little meditation dessert, so you can kick off holiday season with a few giggles. You can listen to track samples at the bottom of the page.

Gratitude – 4:19
Golaná from Love & Kindness, 2013.
Piano & flute instrumental.

So Thankful – 5:16
John Belt from Open Sky Soaking Instrumental, 2010.
Instrumental laced with water sounds.

Waking the Muse

Gratitude – 3:26
Michele McLaughlin from Waking the Muse, 2013.

Gratitude – 5:29
The Luminous World Orchestra from Threading the Ether, 2009.
Orchestral, strings, with choral accents.

Gratitude – 2:36
Carlos José Alvarez from Discover the Gift (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2011.
Orchestral. (This track included originally is not currently available, so it has been replaced in the samples by his song “Precious Time”).

(hi-res printout)
(hi-res printout)

Gratitude (In Case You Missed That)

It’s pretty apparent what the topic for your meditation should be, but you can make it a little more fun or even turn it into a family activity if you’d like.  There are two different ways you can approach your meditation.

First option…

The first is to use one of these JPEG printouts (hi or lo res options) and cut out each symbol. Fill in notes – words, phrases – about things that you are grateful for in this moment.  You can use just one of the symbols and meditate specifically on one thing, or fill in all of them. In fact, use all the symbols as you are drawn to do so.  Consider representations of things such as: love, life, spirituality, hopes & dreams that have come to pass, family and other people in your life, personal growth experiences, and opportunities.  While writing out your initial thoughts, try to look beyond the material or the obvious, to the truly important and specific events or details.  Use your meditation time to focus on each idea you came up with, to outwardly express your gratitude, and to expand that cycle of receiving and giving.

(lo-res printout)
(lo-res printout)
Second option…

You can also do the meditation in reverse.  Hold on to the blank symbols and then go into meditation contemplating what you are most grateful for this year and express your thankfulness. Fill in the symbols when you’re done with the meditation.

Perhaps you’ll want to affix them into your journal as a nostalgic reminder of all your blessings.

Bonus tracks to extend your meditation:

Gratitude – 5:16
Chinmaya Dunster from Yoga:  On Sacred Ground, 2001.

Gratitude – 4:13
High Priestess from Fairie Archives, Volume 1, 2009.

pieDon’t forget to add the following Holiday Bonus Track… because a little levity goes a long way in helping cope with holiday stress (and the relatives).   You can listen to it once you’re finished with the actual meditation and you’ll be all ready for the cleaning, shopping, and baking to come.

All About Pie – 2:49
Garrison Keillor from Gratitude, Gravity & Garrison, 2011.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

You might even have some other ideas of how to use the cut-outs for your own meditation or Thanksgiving celebrations.  Please come share them with us in the comments.  Remember to send in your meditation stories, too.

Enjoy the samples!  Clicking through leads directly to the iTunes selections.

Giving Thanks

20-Minute Meditation Playlist for Thanksgiving and the Holidays