Gallery of Gifts for the Metaphysically Curious

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What makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for the metaphysically curious person in your life?  Answer “Yes” to any one of the five questions (listed after the photo gallery) and you’ll certainly find a wonderfully thoughtful idea from these lovely possibilities.  (Click on any of the title links below to go to the Etsy shop page for that item so you can get details and make your purchases).

1.  Do you know what their totem animal is?  A gift that is symbolic of that animal will be treasured….

Flying Barn Owl  Pencil Drawing Art Print. Lauren Gray  from The Haunted Hollow Tree (PA). $35 + $6 shipping.

Elephant Christmas Ornament by Sandra & Jim from beehivekitchenware (MA)  $18.50 +$6 shipping.  Beautiful animal ornaments – for all ages. (Plus lots of other fantastic pewter things for the chef in your family.)

Alligator Totem Message Card & Bracelet Set for men or women. From AURAGEMSbyHeather (MN) $25.75 (free US shipping).  Not looking for an alligator totem?  Email Heather to ask her about making a custom piece with your specific animal in mind.

2.  Do they garden, work with herbs, plants, or essential oils, or just plain love being in nature?

Garden Fairy Waldorf Doll Needle-Felted Wool from Daria Lvovsky (Israel).  $48 +$10 shipping.  A lot of love goes into Daria’s gorgeous little fairies.

Antique Silver Spoon Fish Windchime from NevaStarr (NC). $24.95 +$4.95 shipping  (This one might be fitting for the previous totem section, too!)  Vintage pieces crafted into something beautifully new.

Absinthe (Green Fairy) Soap for men.  Tara from HoookedSoap (NM) $5 + $2.70 shipping.  Many lovely looks and scents…and I don’t think only men will be wanting to lather up with these.

Custom Floral Handpainted Scarf  Maria Jürimäe from SingingScarves (Estonia) $88.  A scarf from Maria  is one of a kind art that can wrap the gardener in flowers anywhere she goes, but it could also double as a special table cloth for someone doing a reading…which bring us to the next question….

3.  Do they enjoy tarot cards or other forms of divination?

Celtic Cedar Elder Futhark Rune Set Deborah Ross from Alaska Laser Maid (AK).  $40 +$3.34 shipping.  Gypsy runes, witch runes, dragonflies…oval pieces, curved pieces…I still haven’t been able to choose my absolute favorite so I just picked one that was cedar because I be they not only work – but smell great, too.  Look at all the choices.

Old Ways Quartz Pendulum from AURAGEMSbyHeather (MN)  $28.45 (free US shipping).  Quartz, amethyst, aventurine, amazonite, tiger’s eye…you’ll find many different gemstones and even pendulum necklaces that can be worn when they’re not being used to divine.

Palmistry Chart Blank Card  Molly Elizabeth from ElizabethanFolkArt (CA)  $6 + $2 shipping.  This is a card you can send your metaphysically curious loved one that will be framed and kept forever.

Butterfly Keepsake Travel & Tarot Bag from AURAGEMSbyHeather (MN)  $35.95 (free US shipping).  Here’s another totem gift, too!

4.  Do they connect with their spirit guides or angels?

Spirit Guides Limited Edition Giclee Art Print Dianna Lancaster from Lancaster Art (AR)  $59 + $7 shipping.  Aside from this, the options include many, many prints of horses in similar artistic style.

Silver Angel Necklace Adriana W. Lyden from alwayzwithlove (FL) $195 + $3.50 shipping.  Visit Adriana’s shop for lots of sparkly & silvery jewelry gifts.

Tree of Free Spirit Journal from BlueToad (PA)  $30 + $5.95 shipping.  Automatic writing deserves beautiful paper.  This gift is also perfect for keeping a record of thoughts, gratitude, and meditative experiences, which brings us to the last question….

5.  Do they meditate?

Tree of Life Meditation Beads/Suncatcher from AURAGEMSbyHeather (MN) $59.75 (free US shipping).  Tree of Life gifts are great for the gardener/nature lover in question 2, also.

Vintage Tibetan Singing Bowl from MyCreeksideStudio (Canada). $117.64 + $45.25 shipping.

Wood Wick Jar Candles Audrey from MinneapolisChandlery (MN) $18 + $6 shipping.  MMMMmmm…choose from musk, campfire, or citronella scents.  Bring the outside in…or move your meditation from inside out.  Again, great for the nature lover.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here, the shops included have a multitude of other items and ideas, so just click to go browse.  Happy Shopping!