file000238941816Meditation is a great way to explore and develop your personal spirituality.  It has so many purposes, from relaxation and healing to insight and discovery.

For those of you who have practiced for years,
for those of you who haven’t had any luck with it,
for those of you who sit in silence from time to time,
and for those of you who are just thinking about trying it…
this site is dedicated to you, and all things meditative.

And, soon, you’ll be finding your door, with the help of Heather’s upcoming book.

Your participation in the site is encouraged & appreciated.  If you use one of the meditations from this website, please to share your experience with it. Tell us how it went, what you liked about it, and how it relates or helps with life. Your story may be selected for a future publication to help others with their spiritual journeys.

Stories my be submitted from the form on this page: Share My Meditation Story.